Boys I Know curated by Pebbles & Neville

Kenny Rodriguez “Portraits in Night Life” Prints

                                Kenny Rodriguez “Portraits in Night Life”

"Portraits in Night Life" opened January 22 at WIP in Soho. The opening reception was a rousing success. Here is the full suite of images from the show. 16”x24” digital prints in editions of eight are available for purchase. All prints are priced at $350. For inquiries contact

1. She Gets Ready – Vandam at Greenhouse 2009

2. Neck Bone (Rubber Necking) – Le Bain 2012

3. Dancer – Webster Hall 2009   

4. Amanda Lepore - Le Bain 2011

5. Carrie Wilds - Le Bain 2012

6. Spectrum – Le Bain 2012

7. Cosmo Baker – The last Rub at Southpaw 2012

8. Yellow - Santos Party House 2012

9. Mask – Submercer 2011

10. Amanda 2 – Le Bain 2011

11. Fuck Off – Tiki Disco at Rippers 2012

12. Cry Baby – Santos Party House 2012

13. Jerry – Vandam at Greenhouse 2009

14. Bra Adjustment - Girls & Boys at Webster Hall 2008

15. Goldfinger – Freedom Party at (le) poisson rouge 2012

16. Gabby – Submercer 2011

17. Two Girls – Le Bain 2012

18. I See You – Le Bain 2011

19. In and Out – Miami Convention Center 2011

20. Henri – Double Seven 2012

21. Ovah – Le Bain 2012 

Kenny Rodriguez “Portraits in Night Life”

Nightlife staple, Kenny Rodriguez has been shooting and working at clubs and parties all over New York City for the better part of 15 years. His style is quiet and luminous, finding personal moments in crowded, thumping rooms, brazen emotion in a sea of faces. The slick and glamorous sheen of nightlife is often associated with vanity, conceit and snobbery. These images reveal the shiniest stars and painted up ponies hidden in dark rooms across New York. They are entirely human. Light, subtle, relatable, lovely.

What better venue to showcase 21 of Mr. Rodriguez’s portraits than at nightclub slash art gallery, WIP? “Portraits in Night Life” is curated by Boys I Know's own Pebbles & Neville with Robert Aloia. The opening reception is Tuesday, January 22nd from 9PM to 11PM with, what else, a killer party to follow right at WIP, brought to you by hosts Elliot Aronow and Anne-Marie Martinez. Look out for resident DJs from some of the parties featured in “Portraits” like Eli Escobar and Lloydski of Tiki Disco plus Beto Cravioto, Cry Baby and DJ Moma.

"Portraits in Night Life" will be on view at WIP until February 19th. The custom walls for "Portraits" were designed specifically for the show and are painted by artist Greg Moncada. Remember, you must be 21+ for this one, as the show is at a night club. Prints of each photograph are available for sale, in editions of eight. All print inquires can be directed to


34 Vandam Street (at Varick)
Reception Tuesday, January 22

Meet Boys I Know Part IV Artists: LegHead Loves, Nephilim Giant & TheLoveChild

                                      Sidi Abdul-Khaaliq aka LegHead

Sidi Abdul-Khaaliq, a Trinidad native, is a 20 year old Brooklynite with a graffiti aesthetic and an unrivaled eye for color. He spent his first ten years with his grandmother, who gave him a paintbrush at the age of six. Inspired by street culture and the ever- stunning chaos of NYC, Sidi, aka Leghead, took his creations right to the streets. Visualizing his urban adventures and giving voice to the untold stories of his generation, Leghead strives to leave a mark of humanity on a world that is too often inhumane, and to keep reminding you that Leghead Loves.

                                    Marcus Williams aka Nephilim Giant

Marcus Williams, aka Nephilim Giant, is a 22-year-old visual artist from Brooklyn, NY. Growing up in the rich art scene of New York, Williams found inspiration all around him. Although his current focus is in oils and acrylics- filmmaking, design and fashion all inform and infiltrate his work. Williams’ sometimes-experimental work attempts to bring everyday objects to life through artistic re-interpretations. Whether on a canvas or a car tire, Williams’ vibrant color schemes and intricate designs move past just eye-catching to invigorating.

                                 Jay Michael Gittens aka TheLoveChild

Jay Michael Gittens is a 23-year-old artist questioning perception and reaction with his “Love” paintings and simply laid-out line drawings. Gittens came to the United States in 2000 when he was 10 years old. Early on he committed himself to art. As a photographer, Gittens made images throughout school. His mother encouraged him to pursue art after high school, and provided him with constructive criticism of all of his work- helping him work harder and improve with every piece. Recently, he has turned to drawing and painting in a new wave of artistic expression. His alias on the streets is “TheLoveChild,” spreading a message of love and peace wherever he goes. The pieces presented here imagine all human beings as catalysts of love, improving the world one by one.


Meet Marthalicia Matarrita: the First Woman of Boys I Know

Marthalicia Matarrita
is a Costa Rican–Dominican born and raised in Harlem, New York. Since the early age of four, Marthalicia did art at home with her family, especially with her two brothers. They interested her in art in an urban setting with their comic books and graffiti art journals or “black books.” Encouraged by faith to peruse art, Marthalicia entered La Guardia High School of Performance and the Arts in 1994. Upon graduating high school in 1998, Marthalicia was discouraged from applying to college. This was while Marthalicia was living in a shelter, her mother was in poor mental health, and her family was disconnected. The choice to reach for art school led Marthalicia on a new path as an enlisted soldier in the Army National Guard, which helped her enroll at SUNY New Paltz for a B.A. in Fine Arts.

In 2005, while still in service, Marthalicia gave birth to her son. She continues to build her art resume and further her new art journey, Live Art Performance.

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Boys I Know Part IV Flyer

       Boys I Know Part IV Opening Reception, Thursday Oct. 4th, 7pm-10pm

                                        Four Oh Three
                                        80 Nassau St 
                                   New York, NY 10038 


Boys I Know Part IV Press Release

Contact Information
Pebbles Russell & Jonathan Neville, Co-curators

        Oct. 4 – Oct. 15, 2012 / Opening Reception: Thursday, Oct. 4, 7-10PM

NEW YORK – Four Oh Three is proud to present “Boys I Know, part IV” with work by Leghead Loves, TheLoveChild, Nephilim Giant and the first lady of BIK, Marthalicia Matarrita.

“Boys I Know” is the spawn of nightlife fixtures and art fiends of the concrete jungle, Pebbles Russell and Jonathan Neville. In an effort to explore and expose the art-making that surrounds all of us in our day to day lives, while expanding outlets for legitimate art appreciation, Pebbles and Jon have turned Boys I Know into an evolving series of exhibitions and events surrounding this concept.

Some of the artists involved make a living off of art, others just engage in the creative process on the side but all have a voracious commitment to making. This constant and consistent involvement in creation is inspirational in a climate where regurgitation and consumption seem to be all that we are charged with. Rather than sit back and take in, these artists serve as an example to all of us that making and doing are oftentimes what render life worth living. Connecting artists and forging collaborative relationships where ideas flow and work is born is an integral part of the BIK series. Particularly through the opening receptions, Boys I Know attempts to foster the stability of a growing creative community by introducing new individuals and circles and encouraging a relaxed devotion to the contemporary art scene in New York.

Boys I Know is fortunate enough to partner with Four Oh Three for the remainder of 2012, programming art and music events there through December. The familial, tucked away nature of the space and of 80 Nassau Street reminds us that interesting visual pairings, stimulating work and blossoming creativity can spring up everywhere. This is the fifth show in the Boys I Know series. Boys I Know had three other group shows since late 2011 in Brooklyn, the Lower East Side and the Financial Disctrict. In February, BIK partnered with Something I Ate for the final New York event in the innovative food and art pairing series.

Everything about “Boys I Know” is handmade and created with care. The promotional material for the show was designed with these ideas in mind and each flyer is a hand stamped one of a kind original piece. Continuing the focus on creative process and the beauty of the art of making, Ms. Russell designed the logo and assembles each flyer with Mr. Neville in their home studio.

Pebbles Russell was born in Washington DC and relocated to New York in 2004 to study photography and pop culture anthropology at New York University. She has thrown parties all over downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn. Her style and personality have brought her face and work to the pages of many magazines including Vice, Underrated, Swindle, Wadklub, powerHouse and Status and most recently to the MISS Crew blog. She has shown her own art in New York as well as worked for the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture and the BMW Guggenheim Lab. In late 2011 she curated the first two “Boys I Know” exhibits and co-curated Something I Ate and BIK part III in 2012.

Jonathan Neville is a born and raised Brooklynite. He attended Saint Ann’s School and went on to graduate from Hamilton College with a degree in creative writing. He has worked for various magazines in New York including Vice Magazine and Frank151, and at the Macmillan publishing house. Jon has published work for Frank, Pony UK and MISS Crew. Jon works alongside artists and musicians at events and openings and has managed both “Boys I Know” exhibits in 2011 and co- curated Something I Ate and BIK part III earlier this year.

Four Oh Three is a sometime gallery, theater, meeting room, and event space. It is a multiuse space in the often over-looked Financial District. Four Oh Three has played host to workshops, art openings, live performances, tastings and private events of all kinds. This is the second rendition of Boys I Know at the Four Oh Three.

The opening reception for “Boys I Know, part IV” will be held on Thursday, Oct. 4 from 7 to 10PM

Four Oh Three
80 Nassau Street
New York, NY 10002 

Gallery Open Hours (by appointment only): Friday Oct. 5 - Monday Oct. 15. Noon-6PM.
For appointments, please email